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Co-Location Services

InfiNetwork's Co-Location Services

colocationWE ARE YOUR FRONTLINE DEFENSE. INFINETWORK provides the most secure hosting possible through its data centers located in downtown Tampa, Florida. We are co-location specialists who give you the speed and uptime that you depend on. We also offer an entire range of IT products such as branding services for a coordinated technology approach to your company. Our unique blend of people, processes and technology creates solutions that help grow your business. INFINETWORK hosts and manage your data securely in our own high-availability Tier 3 Carrier Grade Data Centers.

 Secure Co-Location with peace of mind.

The INFINETWORK Tier 3 Data Centers deliver services that excel in every key area. Physical security, convenient location, network availability, network connectivity, and facility access are some of the critical factors in choosing a secure co-location and Data Center services provider.

secure-Data-Center2The Uptime Institute developed a four-tiered classification system for infrastructure functionality that has become the standard for the uninterruptible uptime industry. Classifications range from Tier 1 – having substantial system component redundancy – to Tier 4, with fully redundant (N+1) system components and dual active power distribution paths delivering 24x7x365 services in highly competitive market spaces requiring extremely high availability. There are only a handful of Tier Four data centers nationwide.

INFINETWORKs' Tier 3 Data Center contains its own 1,000KV substaion and fully redundant (N+1) system components, which exceeds the uptime and maintainability requirements for any commercial enterprise.

 Superior Connectivity

Our secure co-location facilities feature redundant, instantly scalable connectivity with direct fiber connections to three of the nation’s leading Tier 1 bandwith providers: Verizon/MCI, Level3, and Global Crossing. Our network configurations eliminate trouble-prone local loops and allow you to reach your users directly at the highest available Internet speeds.

Protected Network

physically_secure-Key-in-handUsing a Cisco Powered Network and virtual local area network technology (VLAN), we segment client traffic to prevent data sniffing and mitigate the risk of denial of service (DoS) attacks.

A Physically Secure Facility

Our secure Data Centers are staffed and monitored 24/7/365, feature closed circuit digital cameras and state of the art security systems. Physical entry points require access cards and keypad pass-codes for entry. To ensure your equipment's safety in the event of a fire, Ansul Inergen, waterless fire suppression systems will extinguish any fire with an inert gas, protecting your assets from potential water and residue damage

iStock-LifejacketPinpoint Environmental Control

A "N+1" highly available, Liebert environmental system tightly controls the temperature and humidity levels and provides an ideal location for your valuable equipment, applications, and data.

Redundant Energy Supply

Our facility is powered by diverse, redundant connections to two major power grids connected to our own power substation. Additional protection is provided by enterprise class Liebert and MGE Uninterruptible Power Systems, multiple on-site diesel generators and significant fuel reserves. These systems can operate the Data Centers indefinitely in the event commercial power fails.

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