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Greg Borden
I would highly recommend InfiNetwork to you.
I have relied upon the guidance and expertise of the InfiNetwork team since April 2011. Their services and guidance has been invaluable for my business.

I especially appreciate the assistance they provided in evaluating my technology needs versus
my business goals. InfiNetwork did not focus on selling me technology. Instead, together we
were able to identify and evaluate technology gaps standing in the way of my goals.
As our partnership developed, I felt one of my major goals had been achieved - my systems were transformed to a state of high reliability and high security. InfiNetwork planned and implemented enhanced security for confidential business data by improving network perimeter protection with firewall and intrusion protection;
reduced business risk associated with potential for loss of data by installing and managing a failure proof backup system and reduced business risk associated with potential server downtime using a managed imaging program to permit bare metal recovery of a failed server.

InfiNetwork also provided excellent service for troubleshooting the occasional difficult technology problems. They always demonstrated a thoroughness to see a situation through to completion.
I would highly recommend InfiNetwork to you.
Greg Borden ( Owner , Naples, Florida )

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