Friday, 11 October 2013 09:11

Disconnect from the Web and Experience Life

Mobile devices give you the ability to always be connected with the virtual world. It may seem like this is great for productivity because you feel like more work is getting done; but could it be that constant connectivity is wearing us down? In light of the stresses caused from being connected, it's good to unplug and recharge your brain.

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Monday, 26 August 2013 09:51

A Healthy Intranet = Strong Marketing

Marketing is not done in a bubble. Instead, it requires input from outside resources. When it comes to effective marketing, communication is key. Having a computer network that acts as a communications hub for every department is one the best ways to help your marketing team.

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You can do almost anything with a smartphone, except type a quick and accurate text message on a four inch screen. Even the best typist struggles with hitting the correct keys on a digital keyboard, and it doesn't help if you have a little extra mass on your fingers. A new app called Fleksy promises to cure the woes of smartphone typing.

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Monday, 24 June 2013 08:59

Hot Off The Press: The Remember Ring

Are you the type of person that sets reminders in your phone for your anniversary, and then when the alarm goes off, read it and shut it off? Sure it reminds you when it goes off, but then you caught up in the day's activities and completely forget. What if there was a way to set a reminder for this but no way to turn it off?

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It's a digital revolution! Everyone is enjoying their new technology...and then there's the sad fax machine, still hanging around, printing off faxes, and reminiscing about the good old days before there was this new fad called the Internet. Fax machines put a damper on the whole digital revolution vibe. It's high time to retire them and start saving money!

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The whole purpose of having a network infrastructure is to allow different users to access and share needed files and applications. With your data centralized to a server, you will need to have a system in place that allows certain people up-to-date permissions to access needed files from every computer. This is where Active Directory comes in.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 10:44

Live Longer by Telecommuting

Have you ever felt like your long commute is draining the life out of you? If you commute long distances to work, then there may be something to the phrase, “My commute is killing me.” Research has shown commuters die younger than those who live closer to their work. This is yet another reason to work from home.

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While it's convenient to have your web browser store passwords, you need to keep in mind that anyone who accesses your computer can retrieve your saved passwords. This risk is very real if you share workstations or laptops with others. We will show you how to adjust the settings on each of your web browsers in order to keep your passwords safe.

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Monday, 27 August 2012 09:50

QikPad: Collaborative Workspace Review

QikPad is an online collaboration resource that enables users to produce, sustain and customize data in a collaborative atmosphere. Making use of author color codes, users can readily determine the root of modifications by identifying the particular color assigned to a specific employee. Best of all, the application is free and does not require any sort of sign up.

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If you use Microsoft OneNote for jotting down quick meeting notes, phone calls, and personal memos, you've probably had information you needed to share with other co-workers in your OneNote Notebook. This quick walk-through will show you how to set up a Shared Notebook that others can access and modify.

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